21 setembro 2016

O infinito me faz pensar em todas as possibilidades do universo

Infinity makes me think about ALL the possibilities in the universe. What if it is possible to time travel? What if there is another Earth-like planet out there, somewhere? (...) Imagine that it's possible to correspond with the future.

I've found myself on an Afrofuturism kick this past year. While we can't control the future, we have the ability to shape it. If you received a message from someone in a distant decade or century, what do you imagine they'd write to you about? Perhaps they're writing to tell you about the happy state of the world at large. Or perhaps they're writing to inform you of some accomplishment of yours—big or small. The person sending this message can be a figment of your imagination, or your future self. The message can take the form of a poem, short story, email, letter, text message, collage, comic—there are infinite options for this exercise.

01 setembro 2016


Esse post é mais um da série estou-pesquisando-sobre-consumo, e é um resumo desse post do Modefica.

Consumo consciente é uma novidade que está sendo muito discutida, sendo um dos assuntos envolvidos no lowsumerism, uma nova tendência de comportamento mundial. Não estamos falando de substituir seus produtos comuns por produtos ecologicamente sustentáveis, mas de repensar o seu consumo tirando do foco o produto e analisando tudo o que o envolve, como nos envolvemos com esse sistema quando consumimos. É necessário refletir sobre suas reais necessidades pessoais, compreender o processo de produção de tudo o que consome e baseado nessas informações, escolher o que consumir buscando trazer benefícios com essa ação, e evitar totalmente 

Para falar de consumo consciente, ou ter um consumo consciente, é preciso entender um pouco sobre cadeia de produção, refletir sobre suas necessidades pessoais e as ofertas de mercado. Por fim, é necessário ponderar, com base na informação, os impactos negativos e positivos das opções disponíveis e, só depois, fazer a sua escolha.


"when a woman is uneducated and is not actually economically independent, you can have all the rights to divorce that you want and it doesn't make a huge difference. At the end of the day, you know, if you have three kids, no education, no job—what do you do? You don't divorce; you have to stay with the same asshole all your life! (...)

The enemy of democracy is patriarchal culture. As with the family, where the father of the family decides and has the last word, so a male leader is the father of the nation.

If we have more educated women, then we have more educated societies.

But you look around and you see a society that does not say that men and women are equal. That says it can't use women for causes other than making children or sex. Women are actually using half of their capacity or less; half of their talents or less; half of their brains or less; half of their work or less. So this society works at half speed or less.

we blame lots of things on men and how nasty they are, but there is also the role of women. Who are the ones that raise the children? It's the women. It's they who say: "You know, oh my girl, you have to be pretty. My son, you have all the rights," et cetera. I have seen extremely masculine women and feminist men, so I don't think it's a question of gender. It's a question of intelligence.

And you have these women, all these people, who have plastic surgery (...). What kind of human being are you that you think that it is a good idea to cut yourself into pieces? Because a man might get an erection watching you?! You know it is not men who push us to do that. (...) Look at the female magazines, all the female magazines! (...) "How am I going to lose 10 pounds before summertime?" What if I don't want to lose 10 pounds?(...) What if I don't want to have perfect skin, because I'm 45 years old and of course I am aging? (...)

That is our responsibility, and when we blame it on men, we always put ourselves in the situation of the victim. And we are not victims. We are human beings. We have our brain. Nobody can stop us from being gorgeous, intelligent, thoughtful. Okay, we cannot run in the same category in the Olympic Games because we don't have the same muscles. But I see specific festivals—like a female literary festival— and I ask, Why on earth does my nipple make me write differently?

The only person who stops you from being free is you. Nobody can take your freedom. I mean, I have lived in a dictatorship. I know what I am talking about.

I have lived in a dictatorship. (...) Was I less free in my mind? No, I wasn't. Did I become a stupid person? No, I didn't. Because no matter how much they looked at me, they could not get into my mind. That belongs to me. And that is under my control if I decide it is. And I can only decide that if I train it—you know it is like a little muscle. If you don't use it, it shrinks, and if you use it, it grows. So it is up to us.

As a woman I have to justify myself all the time. And if I want to say, "I want to dedicate my life to my work," I am called a slut! "You're a woman and you don't want to be a mum?!" They never do that to a man. Never. And who asks me most of these questions? Women.

it's time to consider each other simply as human beings. It's just a good beginning

Forgiveness is a good thing because you cannot go on living your life being angry, because then you become like the people you hate. And that is exactly what is happening in the world that we live in. Our response to violence is violence. Our response to religiousness is religiousness. (...) And from the moment you understand something, it's not that you justify it, but you can analyze it better. 

 people know so little. They see images on TV and think, Oh, this is the way it is.

the culture of our society is very much based on the religious culture. Now, the basis of any religion, monotheistic religion, is that it was Adam and Eve, and God said, "Don't eat the apple", and bad Eve said to Adam, "Oh, let's go and eat the apple." And nobody just states the fact, "Well, Adam could just tell her no…"

The story is that Eve had so much more guts, so she tried because she was curious, and Adam followed her like he was a sheep. That was the reality, but it is described as the fault of Eve. So therefore a woman is bad—we are bad. This is it. It is a problem of the image of women, no matter where you go

You know, that film changed my life. It did. I read a book, it changes my life. I listen to music, it changes my life. Everything that happens to do with the brain has the power to change your life. But if you ask people to think, it is something different. As soon as you think, you realize it is really much more complicated than it seems to be. You realize it is much more difficult to become hyper—to yell, to shout, and to kill yourself if you think about it. So if everybody were to make this little effort just to think, I truly believe it would cool people down.

So I think it's extremely important that we try to change our lives around ourselves. When I was 30 years old, I said, "I'm going to change this world," and after 10 years, the world was changing me. I became a cynical person who did not believe in anything anymore. And so I said, "I am losing even myself," and then decided "Okay, from now on I'm going to change myself, and if I change myself, I have changed a little bit of this world. I will try to be a better person." I don't always succeed in that because the nasty side of me is big, but I try . . . I try.

we have to accept that we cannot be happy all the time. It's okay to be sad. It's okay to cry. It's okay to be depressed.

when I was younger, I would worry: "Oh, my God! I am sad." Now I'm like, "Ah, okay, I am sad." And so it disappears faster because I am not scared of it anymore.

Trechos dessa entrevista

Eu poderia nunca mais fazer a sobrancelha

"I get really self-conscious about my eyebrows, and since I don't know what else to do with them, I put silver glitter paste in them, and everyone always compliments my sparkle brows.
To me, someone who can get down with strong eyebrows has passed a litmus test of cool. Like, if you can appreciate this abundance of hair above my eyes, then you can probably appreciate *me.*
it made me realize that the natural state of my brows was something to be proud of.
I think they're gorgeous, despite what that makeover guy from The Princess Diaries tried to make me believe. (...)"